Carron Rides is an expert amusement rides manufacturer in the Philippines.
We are a prominent and leading constitution in leisure park industry and trusted by best companies in the Philippines and abroad. Experience fun whether taking the tallest Ferris Wheel, riding the high-speed rollercoaster or feel thrilled in the highest slide. Carron Rides does not stop creating and reinventing fun and exciting amusement rides and outdoor attractions.

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Manufacturing Exciting and Thrilling Amusement Rides
As an amusement rides manufacturer in the Philippines, the company was involved in the manufacturing of the famous MOA Eye and Sky Eye, two of the astonishing Ferris wheels in the Philippines. Proudly Philippine made.

Carron Rides produces and offers the best variety of quality amusement rides at a very affordable price.



“Look! mom, a real train!”
Huge names in the industry just like SM Supermall is one of the companies patronized our amusement rides and trains.

You can find our amusement rides and trains in every establishment. We are the only companies’ trusted trains and amusement manufacturer in the Philippines.



We turn ordinary waterparks and resorts to extraordinary.
Carron Rides is also a resorts builder and waterpark contractor. We offer wave pools, giant slides, and playgrounds that can spice up your resort business. We can create resort designs that suit your needs.

Looking for the best resorts builder? Carron Rides is the answer.



Thrilling outdoor attractions? Carron Rides got you.
We do love creating outdoor attractions like zip lines, obstacle courses and soft play. Our attractions are packed with thrill and excitement and ensure that all of our services are safe and exciting.

When it comes to outdoor attraction, Carron Rides is the ace.

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In every design and concept, Carron Rides is hands-on not just in the largest plan structures, but also in the smallest details possible. We follow series of procedures, design concepts to give the best products and services we can give.

Our series of methods and technologies are conventional to make a difference in the amusement manufacturing industry in the Philippines.

An amusement rides manufacturer since 1996.

“It’s a priceless feeling knowing that you make these kids very happy in a simple way.”

– Ramon C. Santos, Carron Group of Companies CEO
(Philippine Daily Inquirer Interview)

We still continue to deliver happiness to every amusement park and establishment.

As the biggest manufacturer in the Philippines of amusement rides, trains, and outdoor attractions, we provide the highest quality standards of products and artistic designs and concepts. We have a lot more to offer.


The Thrilling Way.

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