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Thank you for the overwhelming support, as this season comes to an end we hope you enjoyed spending the holidays with family and friends at Carron dreampark. We’ll see you again this summer for another season of fun and excitement only here at Carron Dreampark ðŸ˜Š

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To all those who missed last night’s fun, worry no more fun and excitement still await you. Carron dreampark will be opening on April 4, 2020.
So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the summer season with family and friends here at Carron Dreampark

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Carron Rides Project: Tiki-Themed Giant Slide

Carron Rides Project: Villa Alfredo’s Resort Giant Slide

Villa Alfredo’s Resort, the most stylish garden resort, located in the heart of Pampanga, Philippines. It is just an hour and a half away from the busy city life of Manila. It is nestled within the secluded, lush tropical gardens, filled with exotic flowers, rare varieties of palm, cacti and bamboo species, and colorful birds. A perfect place to relax and enjoy. The comfort of the room, courteous services, and friendly atmosphere. A pleasant and elegant hideaway for nature lovers…

There are many leisure facilities at the resort including 12 first class and differently themed swimming pools, a separate children’s wading pool with water slides, jacuzzis, aviary and marine aquarium.

One of the attractions that can be found in Villa Alfredo Resort is a Tiki-themed giant slide. This slide tower has two massive, curved slides complement the three slides underneath it. The Tiki-inspired theme sums a much excitement to the overall appearance of the tower slides.

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Source: Villa Alfredo

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Ocean Adventure Resort Project

Ocean Adventure is the first open-water marine theme park in Southeast Asia. We pride ourselves on being leaders in animal care and welfare. We are a team of environmentalists and conservationists who encourage others to take an active role in the protection of marine and wildlife. Apart from our advocacies, we are committed to providing the public with wholesome entertainment that is both enjoyable and educational.

From architectural designs and 3D visualizations to all sorts of attractions like rappelling and other recreational activities are all made possible by Carron. Detailing and developing attractions like pool playgrounds include the main services of the company. Building slides in all shapes and sizes are also Carron’s specializations.   Not only that, our firm produces recreational activities like zip line, swings, and other recreational activities.

To be able to please clients’ satisfaction and expectations with regards of planning and designing, Carron’s Design Team has an eye on every detail – having the best attention from a very small to large specifics. Also, the standard of manufacturing in safety and quality assurance doesn’t end to ensure to reach the expectations and requirements. That’s why Carron has been the trusted company reliable for manufacturing, not just amusement rides, but also creating attractions for resorts.

Source: About | Ocean Adventure

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Sky Ranch Tagaytay Project

Sky Ranch Tagaytay (also known as Sky Fun) is an amusement park located in Tagaytay, Philippines, a mountainous region just one hour south of the capital city of Manila. It’s a great day-trip destination for small and large groups, and it offers many activities including the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines, other carnival-like rides, horseback riding, mini-rides for kids, and several budget-friendly restaurants.

It may seem exaggerated, but it’s actually true. Sky Ranch features the tallest Ferris wheel in all the Philippines. It’s called the “Sky Eye” and it takes riders to a height of more than 200 feet (or 63 meters). When in Tagaytay, you are already 2,000 feet above sea level, so that combines to a total of more than 2,200 feet in the air. The ride lasts exactly 10 minutes, each cage is air-conditioned, and about 4-5 people can fit in each cage.

One good thing about Sky Ranch is that there is more than just the Ferris wheel. Visitors can also experience several carnival-style rides including the Super Viking. There are several mini-rides for kids including the Express Train, Mini-Viking Ship, a Carousel, and the Nessi Coaster.

Carron creates greatly engineered amusement rides such as Sky Eye, Super Viking, and other amusement rides and attractions. Amusement parks like Sky Ranch Tagaytay are those themed parks that distributed by Carron. Our works have to pass through series of safety inspections to ensure that every product reaches the safety standards and at the same time, to fulfill the highest quality measures before the products are delivered to the location.

Source: 5 Reasons to Visit Sky Ranch Tagaytay (Sky Fun Amusement Park)