01 Concept Design

Development and planning from the early staging guarantee a smooth and hassle-free project. In this stage, we present sample schemes to clients in which they can decide from a wide range of designs and concepts or can suggest ideas to match their requirements. We assure that our plans follow highest creativity standards.

02 Technical Drawing

We keep an eye on technicalities of the plan and pay attention to even in the smallest features. Our Design Management Team and Technical Team work together in coordinating every element. In addition, we made all of the necessary site checks. That is why we are proof that our technical drawings are precise and accurate… 100%.

03 Detailed Planning

This is where all of the designs and concepts come up together and select the most likely to yield the best results. Every part of the project and or products have time scales which are ideal not just to monitor progress but also, to give reporting for both clients and the departments.

04 Design & Concept Approval

Hearing our clients about designs and concepts are very important to us. We appreciate every suggestion and willing to comply and provide them for us to achieve satisfaction. We prioritized our customers and always take care of them.


01 Carving

We begin our production phase with modeling the product structures. The company does believe that being meticulous in the manner of carving makes our designs extraordinary.

02 Fiberglass

This is the time to manufacture fiberglass after the products’ carvings are completed. Fiberglass is ideal for the products because it is versatile, lightweight but with superior strength.

03 Mechanical Framing

By incorporating the skills of our Mechanical Team and the technology, this phase is a lot more efficient and accurate compared to other amusement rides manufacturer. Our scientific disciplines in the field of engineering, our designs and manufacturing processes are systematic – engineering products with the highest quality, resulting in a great work of art.

04 Painting

This phase is one of the fun things we do. We are precise in choosing color schemes based on our designs to make it more appealing to the eyes. We make sure that the acrylic paints are high-class for the color to be long-lasting.

05 Quality Control

Quality above all. We make sure that our quality and safety professionals approve our products before we deliver it on-site. The products must verify with the highest quality and safety by passing through series of examinations and trials. By that, you can determine that quality is our utmost priority.


01 Packing

After your products passed the quality control, those get stored in our secure storage area/warehouse while the process of sealing and preparation are still ongoing. We also ensure that the number of products that will deliver are correct and are all in order and ready for delivery.

02 Delivery

Our goal in delivery is simple: ZERO FRICTION = SAFE AND FAST DELIVERY.
All of our products are transported and delivered with care: from picking and loading in our service vehicle to unloading the products on the site, you can guarantee our best service.

03 Installation

We work on the foundation based on turnkey arrangements for the efficiency of the project outcome. We follow blueprints and timetable based on the plans produced from the previous stages to finish the project on time.

04 Quality Control and Testing

Likewise how the product first checked in the previous stages, we still want to make sure that the still projects have the highest quality and ready to be occupied. And also, we provide copies of product manual in case of having difficulties in using it.


01 Maintenance

We care about our customers as well as our products. We can assure you that there are people will give you a hand
when there is small fixing on our products, we guarantee it. Providing maintenance checkups are always at the all-in package once you acquire our products and services.