Ocean Adventure Resort Project

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Ocean Adventure is the first open-water marine theme park in Southeast Asia. We pride ourselves on being leaders in animal care and welfare. We are a team of environmentalists and conservationists who encourage others to take an active role in the protection of marine and wildlife. Apart from our advocacies, we are committed to providing the public with wholesome entertainment that is both enjoyable and educational.

From architectural designs and 3D visualizations to all sorts of attractions like rappelling and other recreational activities are all made possible by Carron. Detailing and developing attractions like pool playgrounds include the main services of the company. Building slides in all shapes and sizes are also Carron’s specializations.   Not only that, our firm produces recreational activities like zip line, swings, and other recreational activities.

To be able to please clients’ satisfaction and expectations with regards of planning and designing, Carron’s Design Team has an eye on every detail – having the best attention from a very small to large specifics. Also, the standard of manufacturing in safety and quality assurance doesn’t end to ensure to reach the expectations and requirements. That’s why Carron has been the trusted company reliable for manufacturing, not just amusement rides, but also creating attractions for resorts.

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